Successfully Navigate the AI Disruption to Health and Wellness

Tuesday May 30, 2023 / 9:00 - 11:00 PT

Join us to learn from some of the World's top experts about the challenges and opportunities regarding Generative AI. Also participate in the unveiling of Suggestic's WellnessGPT - the new AI-powered Tele-wellness and Behavioral Engagement platform.

Event starts in:

WellnessGPT, AI powered, human approved

Scale the wellness concierge experience your clients crave using WellnessGPT! Empower your coaches with AI-enhanced tools to increase:

•  Retention
  Health Outcomes


1 . F I R E S I D E  C H A T 

Fabrice Braunrot, Rob Whiteman, and  Victor Chapela

 2 . I N D U S T R Y 

AI's Disruption of Healthcare & Wellness Industries

3 . O P P O R T U N I T I E S 

How can You and your Business Benefit from This?

4 . W E L L N E S S G P T 

Announcing Suggestic's
new product line

 5 . A N N O U N C I N G  P A R T N E R S

 In-depth discussion with insights, strategies, and ideas on the power of WellnessGPT

Presenters & Panelists

Victor Chapela

CEO, Suggestic

Victor Chapela is CEO of Suggestic, the Leading SaaS TeleWellnes platform for companies in the Health, Wellness, and Nutrition industries looking  to increase revenue and deliver at scale. He has over 30 years of entrepreneurship experience. During this time, he has founded and led several technology-related companies. Three of his companies have been successfully acquired.

Fabrice Braunrot

Founder, Harvest Ridge Capital

Fabrice Braunrot is a co-founder of Harvest Ridge Capital, an investment partnership which provides capital through Special Purpose Vehicles to early-stage companies that are revolutionizing human health via thoughtful approaches to food, agriculture, and related data. In 2018, Fabrice retired as a Vice Chairman after 34 years at JP Morgan, serving in the firm's commercial, investment and private banking divisions in London, New York and (since 1994) Chicago.

Rob Whiteman

Founder, Better Future Advisors

Before being elected partner at McKinsey & Company, Rob Whiteman worked in private equity in New York. After retiring in 2022, he decided to only work when there is an opportunity to help inspirational leaders solve compelling problems with automation and artificial intelligence. Better Future Advisors LLC is a "company of one," owned and operated by him.

Jessica Lynch

Product, Suggestic 

Jess Lynch founded Wishroute in 2018 which was recently acquired by Suggestic, Inc. Jess has her MBA and Masters in Accounting from Babson and is a prior PwC forensic consultant and CPA who turned her investigative talents toward figuring out how to help people achieve their wellness goals.

Shai Rozen

CEO, Suggestic

Shai Rozen is co-founder and CPO at Suggestic. He is an engineer and serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience. He has a master's degree in business engineering and his primary expertise is product management, digital marketing and growth.

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